Friday, August 31, 2012

Bringing Up Girls- A Review

Girls, girls, girls....I have two of them and let me tell you, they are not easy. They cry about anything, everything, and sometimes nothing at all. They are super emotional, unlike myself. What a blessing their daddy is at times like these.
After I had my son, we got the book Bringing Up Boys, and I can't tell you how much help that book was. After my girls I remember asking God in passing why we didn't have one for girls. NOW WE DO!
This book started off with how the media, fashion, and toy industries are ruining the innocence of our daughters at such a young age. Just look at the dolls they have for girls these days. Half clothed Barbies and life size matching ones for our very own girls. Thanks, but I'll pass!
"Girls not only possess a compassionate and gentle spirit, but they can also be catty, rebellious, and downright brutal to their peers." Oh yes, I have experienced this with both of my girls. Not so much with their peers outside of our home, but very much so towards each other. They are 3 and 4 years old so they battle over everything some days. Then we have those days when they are best friends, giving hugs and kisses, and sharing with one another.
This book covers great topics such as girls and their mothers, fathers and daughters, their obsession with beauty, and many more.

Dr. James Dobson has done it again! 

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I received this book from Tyndale for my honest review.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cleaning House:

"A Mom's 12-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement" After reading this book by Kay Wills Wyma, I have discovered we are on the right track with our child rearing. People would say to me things like, "And I thought we were hard on our kids." I took that as a compliment at times, and then when I was alone in my house while everyone else was sleeping, I would think I'm a big meanie! I chose this book to review because Elisa Morgan had good things to say about it. If you are involved in any way with MOPS, you've heard that name before.

I'm all about teaching my children responsibility at home. I want them to grow up not feeling entitled to everything and thinking they don't have to work for it. The author breaks down her chapters by tasks. She starts off with easy thing like making beds. That is something we have our 3 year old doing already, so my head got a little big reading that part. We make it fun so it doesn't seem like a chore to them. They are happy to do it! She goes on to add kitchen work, outdoor work, laundry, etc. 

It all really does depend on your child's age with what you assign them to do. Teaching responsibility to children at a younger age is much easier than teaching them once they hit middle school. If you happen to have children who think the world revolves around them, then this book might be able to help you and your children out. I know I have a lot of great information now.

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I received this book from WaterBrook Multnomah for my honest review.