Monday, October 24, 2011

Trip To Heaven

I first saw this book being sold at the Women of Faith Conference. My friend knew more about the book than I did and she hadn't even read it yet. When I saw I had the opportunity to review this story, I jumped at the chance. Authors, Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent had me on an emotional roller coaster. First, I was so sad that this baby boy was suffering and the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong, and they were in no apparent hurry to figure it out. Then, I was relieved because after the Burpo's decided to remove their son from 1 hospital and take him to one in a neighboring town, those doctors figured it out real quick. Then I was mad at the previous staff because Little Burpo was dying and they were doing nothing to help him besides switching meds. I'm just glad the good Lord healed him!
I am glad that as a pastor Todd shared his feelings of what was going on inside him as his son was suffering. Sometimes people think that pastors are the holiest people who never questions God and when in all reality, they are just like the rest of us, only with a higher calling per say. It's nice to know we all question God just a tiny bit in life and death situations. Even thought we know God is in control, we do still question because we don't know the outcome. We must still depend on him to see us through though. Even though we yell at God and blame him for our troubles, He still answers our prayers because He loves us that much.

As I read about what Colton experienced, I longed even more to be in Heaven with my Savior! Not that I want to go before my time, but when it is my time, I am definitely ready.
I'm glad I was able to read about this family's ordeal. And it just proves that God is in control when we are not! AMEN!
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Crescent Hill Mystery

I always enjoy reading a good mystery novel. Melanie Dobson takes her readers on a journey through history and family mysteries in "Refuge on Crescent Hill." Different people with different lives somehow all intertwined with each other in one way or another.

Now what is she supposed to do?! The magazine company has closed and she was never paid for her last job she did for them. No job, no money, and home. Where was she supposed to go? Camden didn't have family in New York. She definitely wasn't going to run to mom. That leaves the grandmother she hasn't seen in years. She will head back to Ohio for a little visit. Her grandmother would be able to help her out.  Now, which way to Crescent Hill? Camden Bristow has no idea that this will not be the homecoming she is expecting.

Stephanie has a paper to write for class. An unsolved mystery from her family's past seems just about right for the project. She will just need to visit her Aunt Debra to get the details. She wasn't sure how that would go because her cousin (Aunt Debra's son) had been found guilty of murdering his wife and baby. Maybe Aunt Debra would be okay and could give her some answers about all those childhood stories about some missing treasure. When she arrived and the questions started, Stephanie was handed an old journal. She took it home to read and found out some real truths. Her paper was going to become something more than the missing jewelry and more about a missing person, William. Why had he not returned? Her questions took her to William's great-grandson and then on a journey to Ohio to find Crescent Hill.

Alex Yates moved to Etherton, Ohio to start fresh. After his sister and nephew were murdered by her abusive husband he has been trying to move on. A new town and a new job. What else could he possibly do to forget the past and lose that strong feeling of guilt the devil tried to push on him? Working for the mayor in this small historic town seems like the perfect place. God brought him here for a reason I suppose. He has the hard job of trying to keep this old town on the map. Creating jobs and revenue, but keeping that small town feeling. They've shot down all of his ideas thus far. A young lady approaches him for directions to her grandmother's house. He gave them to her as he looked at her curiously. He doesn't remember seeing her at the funeral. Was this the other grand-daughter? Now that place up on Crescent Hill has some great value. Not the home specifically, but the land. He will have to get with her later about purchasing the property.

Jake Paxton had been going through the underground tunnel that connects his grandfather's home to the Bristow home on the hill. It's not something he personally enjoys, but Edward has sent him on a mission. It would help if he had a little more detail as to what he was looking for. Some sort of treasure is what his grandfather keeps telling him. For 200 years the Paxton family has been trying to find this treasure that disappeared during the Civil War era. They have been using the tunnels from the Underground Railroad to gain access into the Bristow home. The treasure had to be there somewhere! Edward would continue to drive him crazy until he found it. Jake just wants Mariah to come back home, with no baby, so they can move far away from the police and the crazy little town of Etherton. He wants to start looking for her too. She couldn't have gone too far to get away from him.

Their lives will all intertwine as history starts revealing it's secrets and things become more and more clear. I could not put this book down. It had me captivated. I love history and mysteries, so here you have a bit of both! This was my first Melanie Dobson novel and I LOVED IT!

You can get a little tasty, teaser of this story as you when you read this excerpt. Then you will have to get the book! Purchase at or for a great price. You can also find this book at other retailers.

About the Author:
Melanie Dobson is the award-winning author of The Black Cloister; Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana; and Together for Good. A former corporate publicity manager at Focus on the Family, Melanie has worked in the fields of journalism and publicity for more than eighteen years. She and her family live in

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Book Specifications: 
272 pages
Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Category: FICTION/ Christian/ Suspense
Publication: Available

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Historical Timeline

My son was amazed that kids his age most likely played with yo-yos in 500 B.C. They have found disks made of terra cota, skins, wood, and metal. We are learning so much about history in the "BIG Book of History." You can read this book like a regular old book, or you can unfold all the pages to reveal the 15 ft timeline. This book is loaded with great pictures and important historical events. My son said, "This book has Christian stuff in it too!" That opened it up for conversation. Christianity is a BIG part of our history.  Who knew they had their own type of batteries back in 248 B.C.? Some facts I found interesting, in 1947 President Harry Truman declared the U.S. a Christian Nation and 60 years later our new president, Obama, declares the U.S. is no longer a Christian Nation. Boy, are times a changin'. We are going to learn so much and I am excited about teaching all this great stuff to my kids for their homeschooling lessons. You can look inside this book and purchase it at or purchase at It's the same price either way.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Zombies Among Us

Let me just be honest. I signed up for this blog tour not really thinking this was going to be the best read ever. I couldn't have been more WRONG!!! I LOVE THIS BOOK! I want to quote the whole thing! Author, Tyler Edwards is a gifted writer who explains things without all those big words that you have to be in deep thought about. He's very creative with the delivery of this very important information. I really enjoyed "Zombie Church" so much!
The first thing I found out was the church I am a member of just so happens to be alive. I am proud to say that we are not a "zombie church." Even though our church as a whole is not dead, there are still "zombies" that may dwell in this group of believers.  I have been guilty of it myself in the past.

Chapter 2 in this book makes me think of the new Casting Crowns song "Courageous."

 Some of the lyrics:
The only way we'll ever stand
Is on our knees with lifted hands
Make us courageous
Lord, make us courageous  

We will reignite the passion

That we buried deep inside
May the watchers become warriors
Let the men of god arise

We were made to be courageous

And we're taking back the fight
We were made to be courageous
And it starts with us tonight 

A passage from chapter 2, Mr. Edwards writes:
"To truly live we must face God's expectations of faith and courage regardless of personal consequences." 

Tyler Edwards reminds me of one of our own fellowship pastors in some of the sections I read in this book. Our church has a vision and a purpose and we all get to be a part of that. It is to spread the Gospel to everyone we meet. We have churches all over the world. We, the church members, had a part in that. All of us who dedicate our time and efforts for the things of God. Your church can be alive again! Yes, there is hope!

This book will definitely open your eyes.  Whether, you're the zombie or you belong to a fellowship of zombies. There is a transformation process that the author talks about. You don't turn into a zombie over night. It pretty much boils down to inactivity in every aspect of your walk with Christ. Laziness is one contributor. There is a lot of self reflection and thought provoking things going on in this book. I can go on and on, but I recommend you get this book and read it for yourself. This book really gets back to the basics of serving Christ and living like Jesus wants us to. Things we know, but need to put into action. VERY GOOD BOOK!!!  You can purchase your very own copy of this book at

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Tyler Edwards is the lead pastor at Cornerstone Christian Church in Joplin, Missouri, where he works to help people learn how to live like Jesus, love like Jesus, and look like Jesus—so they carry out the mission of Jesus to the world. He graduated from Ozark Christian College with bachelor’s degrees in both Biblical Literature and Christian Ministry. He has written articles for Lookout Magazine, spoken at various campus ministry events in Missouri, and served overseas in Mbale, Uganda.

Tyler loves cheesy horror films. He is particularly fond of movies like Dawn of the DeadThe Signal, and 28 Days Later, where zombies run wild and threaten to infect an entire town. Connect with Tyler on Facebook.

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