Friday, September 2, 2011

Already Compromised-A Review

Already Compromised by Ken Ham & Greg Hall starts out with the history of the Ivy League colleges.
*Harvard- Roots were in strong Puritan philosophies, where many of it's grads went on to become clergymen throughout New England.
*Yale- Original purpose was to establish a training center for clergy and political leaders of the colony.
*Princeton- Founded to train ministers for the Presbyterian denomination. This was the "religious capital of Scottish & Irish Americans, helping build the spiritual foundation for the emerging nation of immigrants."
*Dartmouth- Established by Puritan Congregational minister who's desire was "to see a training school for Native Americans so that other Mohegans could be trained to reach their own people with the gospel."
You don't see much of that spiritual legacy today.
So, these authors got together with a research group and questioned leaders at Christian colleges. Their research showed that when it came to the New Testament they were all in agreement with almost everything. Things changed when it came to Old Testament beliefs. This book focused on the differences in beliefs in the book of Genesis. There are graphs and charts included, and what a difference between what the president of the college believes and what the professors believe, and are actually teaching. You can go to to see where the colleges that took the AiG statement of faith are. Ken Ham also states on his website that, "Affirmation of the AiG statement of faith by the school’s president is, of course no guarantee that all professors/textbooks/courses etc., take the same stand on God’s Word including Genesis as they should—but it is a start for parents wanting a short list to research."
Now, this book rather dragged on. I thought I would see a list of specific colleges with what they preach compared to what they teach. I was getting tired of them comparing the same questions in Genesis. It was all about beliefs on Noah and the flood, New earth and Old earth, and 6 literal 24 hour days. Maybe because it will be another 8 years before my oldest is even in college, I found this not the most fun to read. I will need an updated version by then if Jesus hasn't returned yet. When my children do begin college, whether it be a christian or secular establishment, I pray they cling tight their faith and trust in God. I pray they would have the christian world view they are brought up in, and not fall prey to the humanistic views.

I received this book for free from Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing, for my honest review.

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