Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quite the Journey

"Journey to Christmas" was an eye-opening series. 5 people go on a trip, and they are all looking for something. Why do we celebrate Christmas? They take the same journey through the Holy Land as Mary and Joseph would have taken.

This DVD set is a 4 part series on 2 DVDs. For 20 days they traveled finally reaching the place where Jesus was born. This was a reality show type documentary. The men on this journey were pretty much waiting for Jesus himself to appear in human form it seemed at times. The ladies on this journey were just taking it all in and got a lot out of the experience. This really opened my eyes to how different Christians are. Some people are good with just knowing and seeing everything God has done, but others need a huge miracle to really believe God exists. The scenery was beautiful! I don't think I'll ever make it to Israel in my lifetime, so I thought it was very informative and I really enjoyed the history that was shared. I personally enjoyed this journey.

Would I use this as a group session/study? Probably not, but it is a good story to watch.

I received this DVD from the wonderful people at Tyndale Publishing.

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