Saturday, June 16, 2012

Great Summer Read

This Adventures in Odyssey book "Attack at the Arena" took a bit longer than usual to read because we were reading it together. My son, Alex, and I were taking turns reading each chapter. Cousins, Patrick and Beth, go on a mission in the Imagination Station to find a silver cup in Rome for Albert. Albert is an ancestor of Mr. Whittaker's that they are trying to help. Patrick and Beth get their necessary wardrobe changed to the time period and begin their journey in the time machine. In a quick change of events the cousins were taken into two different directions. Beth was dressed as the Emperor's slave and Patrick was dressed as a monk. A Roman soldier carried Beth back to the palace and Patrick followed another monk after much persuasion. A lot happens in the story, but they do finish their mission and are given a new one. Alex really enjoyed this story.

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