Monday, January 28, 2013

Are You A Busy Woman?

A Busy Woman's Guide to Prayer really encouraged me and confirmed my thoughts. Our family life has changed so much since adding 4 children to it. I find myself very overwhelmed and ready to give up. I selfishly wanted my family back the way it was when there were just my kids and hubby. Then I would be praying and realizing how much God has blessed our family during this difficult trial in our lives. Even the lives of these innocent kids are being changed. 

I was one of those people who would apologize to God because I didn't get enough quiet, alone time with Him. "Sorry Lord, AGAIN! I meant to get up early to chat with you, but you saw what happened. I'll make it up to You tomorrow." WAIT! WHAT? You hear my prayers when I'm driving, walking, running errands, etc? That is a relief! I don't have to be sorry for not being able to get the quiet time I thought I had to give God for Him to REALLY listen to my prayers. God LOVES to hear the voice of His children no matter what we're doing.  

Like I said, what a relief! I was busy before, but now I am stretched very thin. There are always court dates, medical appointments, team meetings, and everything else that comes with kinship/foster care. I am literally going from sun up to sun down. Once bed time comes I pass out. I do talk to Jesus and pray throughout the whole day. I have a great prayer life! I actually pray more now with my busiest schedule ever! One thing I really try to do is start my morning with prayer. It really does change my thinking to positive thoughts for the day. Even though my prayer life may differ from some other folks I know, God hears us all the same. God has still been blessing our family and answering our prayers! " 'Prayer time isn't limited to a slot in your schedule.' "

There are some really good chapters in this book. Part two is all about overcoming the barriers of prayer. This book has been a blessing! You can find it at a good price on

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