Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love Him On Purpose

Today I pulled out a new book to read, "The Husband Project-21 Days of Loving Your Man On Purpose & with a Plan." So to start off I am supposed to have a girlfriend or 2 sign up for this project with me. ALRIGHT!!! I have a friend on board and we are committed.I thank God that my Military MOPS group introduced this book to us. I'm even more excited to meet the author Kathi Lipp in a couple of months!

I really do try to do nice things for my husband. Kids can sometimes get in the way of certain things though. No, not just THAT! This is the reason I had to sit down and really think about what I could do for my honey and when I could do something for him. With all the kids' and our family's extracurricular activities it seemed like there was never time for anything! I made it a priority to find time. I moved my other half up on my priority list.
My kids are cereal people the mornings my husband works. I would usually cook a nice breakfast on the weekends, but I was starting to get lazy in that area. I would find myself staying in bed until everyone was already up and had eaten something. Then I would emerge from the room. I was being so lazy! I prayed Jesus would help me fall asleep earlier so I could wake up earlier and make some sort of effort for my family. My energy did start coming back. I had to make the effort though. I woke up and started making breakfast again. I know are day is so much happier and fun when my husband has a nice hearty breakfast of sausage and eggs.

My husband is amazing! If I'm falling behind on laundry he'll pick up the slack. He cleans the bathrooms and the kitchen. He helps me take care of the house after working his full time job with the National Guard. He does get into his zone when he cleans so we all know to stay out of his way. He's on a mission and we can't disturb it. I have been known to take that personally and just get rude. I was just taking it all in wrong. Because after he's done he comes out of that zone and he's back to fun-loving guy. So of course, I sit there thinking to myself I should have finished all of this and he wouldn't be "in his zone" and everything would just be peachy. I have no excuse to not have it done....well, besides the homeschooling, babysitting, and little siblings arguing. I have realized I can get things done if I manage my time better. My husband LOVES coming home to a clean house. And he should be able to do that. He understands why it doesn't get done, like days when we are not home, he doesn't give me a hard time about it either. Now, when my oldest is working on an assignment I can go clean my whole kitchen in 10 min or less. I make sure the girls are doing something to keep them happy and occupied, and I will clean up the living room real quick. Thank you Jesus for the kids' playroom! I clean the kids' bathroom up in less than 10 minutes as well. In an hour I can have the house sparkling clean. I just need to make the decision I'm going to do it and it will get done. My husband comes home and gets to relax in a clean house. Makes for a great start to the evening. I still leave our bathroom for him because he makes a huge mess in there from cutting his own hair and all that. I'm not ready to take that on yet. He likes to do it so I let him have that.

There is just so much we can be doing. Even the littlest gesture of kindness that can do so much for our marriage. I hope this book can help you look at things a little differently like it has me. 

This book is full of awesome ideas and projects to help you love your man on purpose. We don't have to let every day problems that arise hinder our wifely duties. Our husbands need to know they mean the world to us and we couldn't possibly live without them. The back of the book is filled with some MAN recipes that your honey is sure to love.  You can find this book on Amazon.com for a great price. Take a look inside the book while you're there. This is a must for your library.

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  1. The What's For Dinner Solution is what I would like to read!

  2. Ooh, I hope I win, because the library doesn't have it. I might just have to borrow your copy Michele :P

  3. This looks like a great book to read. Entering your giveaway, however having trouble finding some of the FB fan pages. Clickable links would be helpful. :)


  4. That's weird Rosann....the clickable links are showing up for me. Sorry they aren't working for you :(