Friday, May 27, 2011

God Had Another Plan

  I received the DVD Unplanned to review. This documentary is about Abby Johnson's life as she starts her college years and ends up getting pregnant a couple times from boyfriends and getting them aborted. Her volunteer work during this time is done at Planned Parenthood. Over the years she moves up to become a director of the biggest Planned Parenthood facility in Texas.
  Planned Parenthood receives federal money to provide health advice and education to women. A BIG part of their services are providing abortions to women. I didn't know how much until I saw this! There was a Pro-Life group down the street called Coalition For Life. They would join other Christians in front of the Planned Parenthood gates. While some people protested, this group joined together in prayer. Abby knew they were praying for her too.
  One day Abby found herself in a room where an abortion was taking place. The baby was squirming and moving as it was being prodded. by the doctor's tool. She couldn't stand it and God did something in side her. She was awakened to what she was helping do. She stepped down from her position and went immediately to see her "friends" at CFL. She had a different calling on her life and helping women find other choices besides abortion was part of it. She went from pro-choice to pro-life. I am so proud of her and the changes she made.
  Anyone who thinks Planned Parenthood is anything but an abortion clinic needs to see this. Yes they might disguise their main purpose with health pamphlets and contraceptives, but I don't believe they are in it for women's health. Abortions are dangerous...not sure how killing innocent life helps a woman's health, but if that's what they need to tell themselves to sleep better. I recommend this video to every person pro-anything. This is a great documentary based on a book with the same title. Get someone's perspective who's lived it.

I received this DVD from Tyndale Publisher's for my review. These are only my opinions and views.

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