Monday, June 20, 2011

Her Daughter's Dream

  The saga continues from "Her Mother's Hope." Hildie's daughter Carolyn had a detached relationship with her mother. Hildie was quarantined for quite some time with tuberculosis and Marta came out to help with the household. Carolyn became close to her oma Marta.
  Carolyn grew up and started college. The stress of college caused her to start drinking, then the war, then her brother's spiraled out of control and she found herself an alcoholic who smoked weed. She leaves college and joins the hippie scene with her best friend Rachel. After her best friend died from a drug overdose she wandered aimlessly around. She begged and dug through garbage for food, slept in parks, and the like. One day she woke up in a park near a mother and her children. They were so nice, sent by God Himself. The lady spoke to Carolyn like she was a real person. She didn't shoo her away or go set up their picnic somewhere else. The kind woman offered her plenty of food. They talked and before she knew it, she was at a train station on her way home to her parents.
   Her parents were happy to see her. Later on they find out she came home pregnant. Hildemara sent Carolyn to live with her nursing friend "Boots." She also had an alcohol problem years before, and Hildie thought that would be good support for her daughter. After Carolyn had her baby she went back home. Her parents lay out a plan for her to go back to school and get a job. Carolyn's mother began taking care of Mayflower Dawn like her own child as Carolyn's oma had done for her. The cycle of grandmother filling in as mother continues.
  Marta eventually passes away, Carolyn get's married & has a son, Hildemara is still obsessed with her grandchild Dawn, and Dawn grows up and falls in love.
   I really loved this series!

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