Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

Mary Dobbs, a preacher's daughter, moves from Chicago where she had nothing but faith and family to Atlanta where there was wealth and distractions. This story takes place in the early 1930s during the Depression. A lot of folks didn't have much left to their names. People would steal from their friends. Desperate times called for desperate actions.

As soon as Dobbs got to her wealthy Aunt Josie's house, God would begin to use her. What a great opportunity! She gets to go to a great school and share The Gospel with all these lost souls! She makes friends quite easily and they loved hearing her stories about the miracles and the faithfulness of God at the revivals her father preached.

As the story goes on her best friend Perri, who loses her father to suicide at the start of this story, and Dobbs herself uncover some family secrets of their own. They both go through periods of unbelief and then God does something to prove himself real.

This is a really good story. The author, Elizabeth Musser, gave such detail about everything that as I read it I was picturing the whole thing, flickering through my mind like a movie. I'm really interested in reading her other novels!

I received this book from the wonderful folks at Bethany House to review.

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