Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why God Won't Go Away-A Review

The reason I chose this book is because there weren't a lot of others to choose from that seemed interesting to me. Also because I recognized that Alister McGrath, former atheist himself, was the author. I've heard of him but never read anything of his.

I learned something new with this book. There's a movement going on called New Atheism. I thought this book was on atheism in general. There's a certain few atheist leaders talked about in this book, so you really have to pay attention to what you're reading. This book does open your eyes to the different types of atheists out there and what they believe (or shall I say what they don't believe).

The New Atheist believe that religion is the reason for all the evil and violence in the world. HAHA!! Of course we all know it's the other way around. If people would turn to Christianity and except Jesus as their Savior and do as He has asked us, there would be more peace!

At the end of the book McGrath states "The ironic fact is that New Atheist anger at the persistence of faith has inadvertently stirred huge interest in the whole God question. It's made people want to reflect on the other side of the story." So people are going to church to see what this God thing is really about and most likely converting to Christianity. Should we thank God for these Atheists?

I received this book from to review. These are only my thoughts about this book.

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