Friday, June 15, 2012

Infidelity & Forgiveness

It took me 1 day to read this book!
First, I give the author Gina Holmes props for writing this story from mainly the male's point of view. She did a very good job of it. It's one of those stories that could belong to anyone we know. Whether they are a Christian or not. Infidelity is real, even for some Christians who lose their focus and what God has called them to do. This story starts off with Eric being separated from his wife over an "innocent" email. He hadn't done anything at that point, but after getting kicked out of his house and being accused of something he hadn't done, he felt that gave him the excuse to do the real thing. We've all heard the saying two wrongs don't make a right. Eric felt so horrible the next morning, of course. He loved his wife so much, but she wasn't returning the love. She didn't even want him to touch her. And here this young co-worker of his was throwing herself at him.
His wife ends up getting in an accident and forgets that they were even separated. Eric thought this was his chance to make things right. Should he tell Kyra what has been going in between them? Maybe not, the doctor said it would be better if she remembered on her own. They start doing the romantic things they used to do and rekindled this fire he forgot they had. At some point she visits his work and is confronted with the woman he slept with. She asks Kyra if her husband had told her, and she lied and said yes. She returns home and they get into it again and he is once again homeless and on his friend's couch. Eric realizes he has to tell the truth so he writes Kyra a letter of apology for everything he had done over the course of their marriage. You have to read the story to find out, but this book can teach us a lot. There needs to be GOOD communication with your spouse. You can't expect the other person to know what's going on in your head and heart. Pray for your spouse! Another thing, God forgave us so we can forgive others. There are some good messages in this book if you pay attention to what you're reading.

I received this book for free from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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