Monday, September 19, 2011

Bzz About The Help

This a message for Bzz Agent King Bee Jono,

I'm not sure how "dope" my post needs to be, but know this....Being a mother of 3, I need "THE HELP" and by reading this book it may just be the kind of "HELP" I need! In the evening after my kids are all in bed, I like to read a good book. Any kind of book that can "HELP" me wind down after a long days work of homeschooling and house cleaning, and all those other jobs I sometimes don't get "HELP" with. It would be a great "HELP" if you were able to choose me for this campaign! I haven't even seen "THE HELP" in theaters because I haven't read the book yet. It is a good "HELP" to read the book first because there are less time restraints so you get the full story. When making the movie it doesn't "HELP" that they have to shrink it down into a couple hours or less. They leave out information that could possibly "HELP" the story become better. I'm sure the movie is awesome, but I still would LOVE to read"THE HELP!"

In need of "HELP"
Bzz Agent Michele Aguilar

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