Monday, September 12, 2011

The Confession Started It All

A pastor of a large congregation was doing his daily work in the office. Trying to get inspired for his next sermon he would preach that Sunday. They received a visitor from a dying man who insisted on speaking with the pastor. There, the confession was given. Travis had to tell someone. There was a kid on Death Row because of him. Donte's execution was a week away and Travis had to help in some way. The question is was he trying to help Donte or himself. Travis was out on parole and couldn't leave the county,  but maybe this nice pastor could help him.
The first John Grisham book I ever read was "The Client." I loved it and was very excited to read another John Grisham novel. It took me only 2 days to read this book. I usually just read and review Christian genre books, but I was sent this one for a Bzz Agent Campaign. It ended up still having Christianity in it, but it definitely won't help your walk with God. I got really involved with the story's characters. Here is a pastor trying to do the right thing to save a young man. He's traveling illegally with a criminal who has admitted to killing someone. Travis tells the pastor he is dying of a tumor and could be dead any day now. I think Travis just wanted to see his victim one last time, and he was able to talk the pastor into taking them. I was really upset with the way it ended. I was rooting for a happier ending, I mustr confess. As I read about Donte I remember shouting aloud, "Aw maaaan! What a stupid Governor!" The sad part is this stuff really happens in today's world. Innocent people are incarcerated, and slowly but surely, some are found not guilty with DNA testing. They can't all be saved. This novel gets you thinking about the death penalty and all that goes with it. VERY GOOD BOOK! John Grisham did it again!

I received this book for my Bzz Agent Campaign and this is my opinion.

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