Monday, January 30, 2012

A is For Adam

A is For Adam is another great educational tool from Ken and Mally Ham. Being a homeschooling mom I love anything that will help my children learn and understand the Word of God. This wonderful flip chart style book is so helpful!
This book has great illustrations and goes from A to Z with biblical truths. There are a few different sections for each letter of the alphabet. First you will read what the letter stands for in this particular book. Then there's the Starting Point section. This section tells you a little about a specific biblical occurrence. Then there is the Bible Bits section. There are a handful of little points that you would have the children repeat after you. The Let's Talk section is next with a few questions to get your kids thinking and participating. There are some extra activities and another quick review. I will be using this book with our kids at our bible study group as well. There are even printable color pages to go along with the studies. I really, really love this book!
You can take a peek inside this book at It's a really great price there too!

I received this book from MasterBooks, a division of NLP for my honest review.

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